RNA research made easy

Explore the RNA epistructurome

A large fraction of higher metazoans genomes transcribes RNA molecules whose functions extend far beyond carrying the instructions for protein synthesis. Although RNA is apparently a simple molecule, the ways by which it exerts many of its functions have remained highly elusive for decades. As learned from studying ribosomal and transfer RNAs, two of the key features influencing RNA function are its structure and post-transcriptional modifications. A deep understanding of RNA function therefore requires rapid and straightforward approaches to study the complex and intricate landscape of RNA structures and modifications.
RNA Framework is the first tool for the comprehensive analysis of the RNA epistructurome.

Streamlined structural analysis

In the last 5 years, several NGS-based RNA structure probing techniques have been proposed. RNA Framework enables fast analysis of data derived from Structure-seq, DMS-seq, CIRS-seq, SHAPE-seq, PARS, SHAPE-MaP, and many others.

Mapping RNA modifications

Known for over 50 years, only recently RNA post-transcriptional modifications are emerging as key regulators of RNA metabolism. RNA framework now supports both the analysis of IP-based methods such as (h)MeRIP-seq, m6A-seq and m1A-seq, and single-base resolution methods such as Ψ-seq and 2OMe-seq.