Introducing the first framework for the
comprehensive characterization of the RNA epistructurome

An all-in-one toolkit for the study of RNA structure and post-transcriptional modifications

Multi-format support

Perform analysis from any data input source.
Start either from FastQ, SAM, or BAM files.

All data in a single file

Introducing the RC file format.
All the relevant information of FASTA and BAM files, stored in a single file.

Easy and flexible data analysis

Process data derived from any high-throughput RNA structure probing (SHAPE/DMS-seq, SHAPE/DMS-MaP, etc.) or RNA post-transcriptional modifications mapping experiment.

Support, updates, and... more!

Benefit of constant updates and full user support.
RNA Framework doesn't fullfill your needs?
Suggest new features!

Ψ-seq and 2OMe-seq

Straightforward analysis of transcriptome-wide single-base resolution mapping of Ψ and 2'-O-Me residues.

m6A-seq and m1A-seq

Fast and reliable analysis of immunoprecipitation-based RNA modifications mapping experiments.